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 The Songs of Greek

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PostSubject: The Songs of Greek   Sun Aug 26, 2007 11:30 am

Epiosed one

"Jesus"Scott Krippayne
(Rusty enters dorm room and meets his roommate, Dale, for the first time)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Dani California
(Jock house party/ Rusty and Calvin make the scene)

"Song Beneath The Song"Maria Taylor
(Girls sorority house, Casey talks to various people at the party)

"Paralyzer"Finger Eleven
(Frat party continues, Rusty takes a body shot and spits it out all over girl)

"Pretty Little Thing"Fink
(Casey and Cappie play pool at Cappie's "secret bar")

"No Sleep Tonight"The Faders
(Interior bar, Rusty dressed in drag as part of hazing, plays over producer's card)

Episode Two

"My Jesus"Dave Pelman
(Dale dedicates song on the radio to Rusty )

"Collarbone"Fujiya & Miyagi
( Dobblers, Casey, Evan and Cappie talk )

"All Good" Zeroleen
(Backyard party, frat boys playing beer pong )

Fool's Gold"Adrienne Pierce
(Casey hanging out in her room )

"I've Been Down"Sweatshop Union
(Backyard beer pong party)

"Inaction" We Are Scientists
(Backyard beer pong party continues)

Episode Three

"Coming Out Wild" The Sammies
(Cold open)

"Do You Want It" Sweet 17
(Sorority pledges dance on lawn)

"How Good Can It Be"The 88
(Int. bar)

"Understanding"Aidan Hawken
(Rusty works out)

"Our Time Now"Plain White Ts
(Plain White Ts play at party)

"Blind"Aidan Hawken
(Casey arrives at the party)

"Hey There Delilah"Plain White Ts
(Plain White Ts play at party)

"The Plot That Weaves"The Brothers Martin
(Casey and Evan dance)

"Traffic Jam"Vega4
(Rusty goes upstairs with Lisa)

"Handful Of Names"Waking Ashland
(Casey finds out Rusty is with Lisa)

"Prepare To Reactivate"Fredalba
(Rusty hooks up with Lisa through Cappie interupting Lisa and Wade)

"June Light"
(Calvin and Ashley talk)

"Fly Straight"Aidan Hawken
(Casey and Evan talk in hotel room)

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PostSubject: Re: The Songs of Greek   Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:24 pm

I love the Greek songs, the show has a great soundtrack, The Plain white T's are great!
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The Songs of Greek
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